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Canary Center

The Canary Center design was developed with the objective of producing a unique building while satisfying the client’s return on investment requirements.
Functionally, the design utilizes a set of rules to maximize the rental spaces while offering a variety of office sizes and spaces to enhance the work environment. In addition, the offices are highly flexible providing a verity of expansion possibilities as well as the ability of dividing large offices into smaller ones. Furthermore, while providing views to the outside, internal views are also provided through gardens and terraces located between the offices. In addition, the building offers excellent energy performance due to the innovative concepts deployed to reduce consumption.
The building design was developed through a sequence of steps that are initiated by  analyzing the functional requirements and then creating a set of rules and drivers that in turn generate the building masses. The building’s exterior is a perforated metal skin that is broken into a series of folded faces separated by gardens located strategically between the offices.
The Canary center is an office building that exceeds its simple function.. It is a true statement of an algorithmic architecture.
Project  Location:Riyadh – K.S.A

Lot  Size:7500 m2

Project  Size:Two Basements,Ground Floor,1st,2nd.
Project  Type:Offices
Project  Date:2007

Provided  Service:Design , Working Drawing