About the Project

The contemporary abstract design system focused on reflecting the company's identity and meeting functional requirements in terms of providing administrative workspaces and engineering departments, where offices were functionally divided into three regions.

The first is a public area to welcome clients and used for external meetings. This ensures special control over this area and gives privacy to the internal work areas.

The second area, which is a closed administrative offices area for executives. It sits in the middle between the first and third areas to allow flexible connection with visitors and employees.

The third area is the design and engineering laboratory area which contains the workstations of the engineering and design departments. It includes three spaces that support innovation, design, and testing of the designed outputs throughout design process.

The proposed design unit that was developed started from spreading linear streaks that stretch continuously over walls and ceiling connecting the three regions together by merging them with the continuous ceiling light lines that link areas together.

A color contrast was applied between the white color in the walls and ceiling and the gray color of the floor to determine the workspace and activities between two opposite color of horizontal surfaces and to emphasize the interconnection of the space through continuous ceiling light lines.

The project aims to create a creative and collaborative work environment that involves all team members in all stages of work, starting from brainstorming to concept generation, before implementing the final ideas.

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