About the Project

The brand identity of the Food Company Burgerizzr is mainly in white and red colors, and the industrial design style was selected for the interior design of the offices.

Functionally, the offices are located on the first and second floors. The main departments were placed on the first floor so that the closed office spaces are on the periphery and in the workstations and meeting rooms are in the center. All spaces on the floor are connected through a continuous loop corridor that is also used as a track for walking. The CEO's office, the women's section, and the call center are placed on the second floor with a central garden.

In terms of the interior theme colors and materials, red, white, and dark gray paint were used for walls. The floor finishes were polished concrete for the corridors and dark gray carpet in workstations and closed offices.

Most of the ceilings were left exposed showing electrical and mechanical installations, as well as fire alarm and firefighting networks with the use of linear and circular suspended lights.

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