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High Performance Buildings

At FA, we strive to optimize & minimize energy usage, to allow for buildings to operate using clean energy sources. We focus on occupant security & quality of life as top priorities. This means not just physical security, such as connected fire suppression & alarm systems, but also health security— high-quality air & water, & more.

IOT & Sensor Technologies

In order to help evolve our design processes and decisions for every project, we must first understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we have already created. By learning from already-built environments, we can help ensure a higher quality outcome for future built environments.

Computational Visualization

At FA, we focus on ensuring all the work related to a project is produced at the highest quality, not only content-wise, but also from a representational standpoint. When we build an algorithm, it is important for us to be able to describe the internal workings of it, through information design, and infographics.

Expanded Knowledge

At FA Technologies, we are constantly participating in seminars aimed at developing our knowledge and skillsets. We are often providing trainings on both the tools we have learned, and the tools we develop. This places us in a unique spot between academia, research, training, and the professional world.

Technology Landscapes

In order to develop projects with new or advanced technologies, we must first understand the current existing and available technologies. It is also important for us to understand the most recent research within the topic at hand, in order to assess our positioning, our progress, and our novelity.

Specialized Building Systems

By developing modernized and new building systems solutions, FA allows for every realized project to have the most cutting-edge technology embedded, combined with the sleekest designs. This ensures a long-lasting and well-functioning result for each of our clients.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings use technology to share information about what goes on in the building between systems to optimize the building’s performance. This information is used to automate various processes, from heating & ventilation to air conditioning & security. Smart Systems help users control appliances & manages energy waste.

Modeling & Simulation

FA ensures that the designs being output are of the highest quality using the latest technological solutions for the UI industry, chosen for each project. From BIM, to CAE, to Predictive & Automated analyses, our design processes include rigorous exploring & iterating in order to provide high-performance & long-lasting solutions.

Advanced Materials

We research, develop, & utilize the most advanced materials, most suitable for the project at hand. Within each project, we examine the limitations imposed by materials on the development of technology & look at techniques useful for solving the technical challenges such as mechanical stress, erosion, chemical attack & thermal shock.

Digital Solutions

Every project demands its own set of rules, methods, & tools. While a wide range of digital tools is available in the market, we understand the importance of need-specific tools, either to a solve a specific problem or to solve much larger, more widespread problems. At FA we focus on identifying the problem first & then solving it.

Digital Prototyping

In order to test the products coming out of our research, we must create prototypes as an early sample, model, or release of the product. A prototype is used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by both system analysts and users.

Construction Automation

There are 2 main ways of automating construction; the first is on-site automated construction, & the second is pre-fabricated automated construction. Each provides certain advantages, including reducing on-site work times significantly, & improving safety of laborers, as well a higher quality output.

Augmented/Virtual Reality & HCI

Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) technology helps the user get a feeling for the space and its design that other methods do not allow for. Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can give the user the experience of being inside a not-yet-built space.

Algorithmic Design Exploration

We create algorithms with well-defined sets of data & operations, utilizing AI & Machine Learning. This type of rigorous problem-solving allows for the production of Generative Design. Providing multiple varied yet similar solutions for the problem & systematic outputs that ensure different per-project requirements & restrictions.