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Client Representation

FA serving as a consultant to the owner, the responsibility for administering the project contracts would rest with FA. This service is popular with experienced owners who recognize that it is their best interest to participate in the decision-making process.

Existing Conditions Investigations / Building Investigations

FA can provide an impartial third party, trained in dispute resolution techniques and knowledgeable in handling workplace conflict, When friction between individuals becomes more than just dislike and the workplace is being affected.

Bid & Tender Management

FA Bid & Tender Management Services include: Tender preparation advice and planning, contractor evaluation , tender documents review, proposal and tender writing and presentation advice. In addition, we also have the experience to assist with post tender negotiations.

Contractor Evaluation

The contractors are evaluated technically & financially on the basis & criteria such as: the experience of similar projects, the quality of implementation, the organizational structure of the company, the number of workers registered on the company, the time project & safety plans, technical & financial offers, & other criteria.

Trade Contractor & Equipment Procurement

The FA processes the study of the business requirements for the commercial contractor and the required equipment and presents the equipment's procurement management plan optimally and within the approved time.

Tender Documents Review

The FA processes the study of all tender documents prior to the formal offering, and provides integrated proposals for additional forms when needed, and it fully evaluates the items and documents required of the bidders to ensure that the basic requirements for bid evaluation are completed in the following stages.

Project Planning & Scheduling

FA offers qualified project and construction planning consultancy services to clients who do not have their own project management team or need to support their team. FA manages the project in relation to quality, time and financial goals.

Construction Supervision, Test , Commissioning & Startup

FA construction supervision possess the right combination of skills needed to excel in today’s construction industry. From technical details, budgeting, and scheduling, to organization, leadership and communication.

Value Engineering Analysis

FA performs a process of studying and analyzing value engineering, which represents one of the most recent engineering analysis and management processes. This process focuses on analyzing and evaluating the value of the project compared to accurate technical evaluation and the real benefit gained from the project.

Budget Development & Control

FA undertakes the process of studying and analyzing the project budget, and conducting continuous evaluation and supervision of it in all successive phases of the project. It also provides direct and quick solutions and procedures when any expected or unexpected change occurs in the project progress or in the financial budget.

Conceptual & Detailed Estimating

FA conduct a preliminary evaluation and detailed evaluation of all parts of the project, which helps the owner or customer to see all the details of the project in detail even before the beginning of designing the initial ideas at the beginning of the project.

Logistics Evaluation

Logistical evaluation relies on the ability to collect and analyze relevant information on all aspects, which subsequently helps to make the correct evaluation decisions.

Operational Readiness & Assurance

Supervising all operation and final trial work before delivery and starting guarantee stage.

Licensing & Insurance

Providing all documents required to obtain licenses and insurance operations in all its forms.

Safety, Risk & Resilience Assessment

FA Risk Management is the practice of being prepared understanding your environment and your exposure to existing or emerging risk factors. The right risk management strategy helps reduce your costs.

QA/QC Services

QA/QC are critical for any project that hopes to meet cost & schedule targets. Effective quality management reduces wasted man hours-associated rework & increases measured productivity of field activities. If the QA/QC is functioning well, PM & coordinators know exactly where to focus their effort to complete on time & within budget.


FA provides our clients with this service through a specialized team to perform the requested tests for engineering package works implemented on site through a contractor and is presented in reports to the owner.