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Workplace Planning

Workplace Strategy is: “The dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.” In practice, a workplace strategy is: “A systematic approach for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of how work space is used by changing the way work space is configured."

Site Surveying

FA is responsible for the production of maps (detailed, topographic & digital), road surveying, facility surveying, surveying of water, sanitation & flood drainage, surveying of desert area, villages, cities, charts & plots. As well as the preparation of documents for the land allocated in cooperation with Riyadh municipality.

Evaluating Strategic Options.

Strategic Evaluation is the final phase of strategic management. The significance of strategy evaluation lies in its capacity to co-ordinate the task performed by managers, groups, departments etc, through control of performance.

Cities Sector 1

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High Performance Buildings

At FA, we strive to optimize & minimize energy usage, to allow for buildings to operate using clean energy sources. We focus on occupant security & quality of life as top priorities. This means not just physical security, such as connected fire suppression & alarm systems, but also health security— high-quality air & water, & more.

IOT & Sensor Technologies

In order to help evolve our design processes and decisions for every project, we must first understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we have already created. By learning from already-built environments, we can help ensure a higher quality outcome for future built environments.

Computational Visualization

At FA, we focus on ensuring all the work related to a project is produced at the highest quality, not only content-wise, but also from a representational standpoint. When we build an algorithm, it is important for us to be able to describe the internal workings of it, through information design, and infographics.

Expanded Knowledge

At FA Technologies, we are constantly participating in seminars aimed at developing our knowledge and skillsets. We are often providing trainings on both the tools we have learned, and the tools we develop. This places us in a unique spot between academia, research, training, and the professional world.

Technology Landscapes

In order to develop projects with new or advanced technologies, we must first understand the current existing and available technologies. It is also important for us to understand the most recent research within the topic at hand, in order to assess our positioning, our progress, and our novelity.

Client Representation

FA serving as a consultant to the owner, the responsibility for administering the project contracts would rest with FA. This service is popular with experienced owners who recognize that it is their best interest to participate in the decision-making process.

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Pre-design Strategies

Before a project can be designed, we must first identify different requirements, preferences, and ambitions the client has for the project. This process can lead to a clearer set of vision and mood boards to help identify the direction of the project in the following phases.

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Cities Scope 1

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Furniture Design

We develop ergonomic and elegant solutions for different furniture items to be used in different ways. From tabletops to chairs, and sometimes merging multiple functions into one, we aim for novel designs and fine quality.

Lifestyle Design

We help our clients design their life spaces the way they want them to be. We help them create their best environment and turn their visions into reality, one room at a time. It has nothing to do with conventional thinking; it's about designing the best living space for YOU.

MEP Analysis

At FA, we study & analyze mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems for projects of all kinds & details, which are of design, plans, details of materials, installation, maintenance, & others.

Identifying Financial Implications.

measure the enterprise’s liquidity profitability, forecast may be made of the future earnings, solvency and other indicators to assess its operating.

Design Brief Advisory

Together with the client, we develop a document detailing the scope of the project, the deliverables, work to be done, timing, and budget in order to fully detail the needs and expectations of each project. This can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and keep it on track and budget during its different stages.

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Existing Conditions Investigations / Building Investigations

FA can provide an impartial third party, trained in dispute resolution techniques and knowledgeable in handling workplace conflict, When friction between individuals becomes more than just dislike and the workplace is being affected.

Specialized Building Systems

By developing modernized and new building systems solutions, FA allows for every realized project to have the most cutting-edge technology embedded, combined with the sleekest designs. This ensures a long-lasting and well-functioning result for each of our clients.

Lighting Fixture Design

We develop different lighting solutions specifically catering to their intended types of spaces, from warm living lighting, to bright workplace lighting, all within an elegant and well-thought-out design language.

Community Enhancement

The community utilizes and comes together in different kinds of spaces. At FA interiors, we aim to provide solutions that help bring the community together through the best examples of these spaces, both well-designed and well-executed, for a final output with the highest quality elements and the most successful spatial performance.

Energy Use, Demand Analysis, Management, & Conservation

An inspection and analysis of energy use and flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system with an eye toward reducing energy input without negatively affecting output.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings use technology to share information about what goes on in the building between systems to optimize the building’s performance. This information is used to automate various processes, from heating & ventilation to air conditioning & security. Smart Systems help users control appliances & manages energy waste.

Sanitary Fixture Design

We develop new solutions for everyday bathroom rituals, some that have been designed for, others that are yet to be thought of. From toilet seats to sinks to ablution stations, we cater to both home and community uses.

Bid & Tender Management

FA Bid & Tender Management Services include: Tender preparation advice and planning, contractor evaluation , tender documents review, proposal and tender writing and presentation advice. In addition, we also have the experience to assist with post tender negotiations.

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Identifying Potential Stakeholders.

the process of assessing a system and potential changes to it as they relate to relevant and interested parties (stakeholders). This information is used to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action.

Concept Creation

In the early design phases of a project, we identify the broad outlines of both the project function and form. Here we design the relationship between the user and the space; from experiences, processes, and strategies, combining them with the additional spatial needs including circulation and services.

Existing Buildings Structural Assessment / Redevelopment

The structural redevelopment of a building is essential to sustain a long lifespan for future reuse. This requires a close investigation on the existing state of the building structure. The outcome is a structural solution that contribute reinforcement of some or all existing structural elements & preserve the aesthetics.

Modeling & Simulation

FA ensures that the designs being output are of the highest quality using the latest technological solutions for the UI industry, chosen for each project. From BIM, to CAE, to Predictive & Automated analyses, our design processes include rigorous exploring & iterating in order to provide high-performance & long-lasting solutions.

Retail Solutions

Retail spaces require specific and heavy demands that we understand with our legacy. Each retail space design combines 3 goals: The design must draw people into the shop, the design must promote an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience, and finally the space must be specially-tailored to the kind of product sold in the space.

Kitchen Design

We model your kitchen; cabinets, walls, floor materials, appliances, and more. We assure to help you through this process of designing your new kitchen.

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Floorplan Layouts

In the design process, the program of the building is analyzed in multiple iterations in order to reach the best possible layout for floorplans. The sequence of spaces is repeatedly tested & resolved based on the functionality of the space. This results in layouts that can easily be furnished with a clear hierarchy between spaces.

Contractor Evaluation

The contractors are evaluated technically & financially on the basis & criteria such as: the experience of similar projects, the quality of implementation, the organizational structure of the company, the number of workers registered on the company, the time project & safety plans, technical & financial offers, & other criteria.

Efficient & Green Design

The common objective of green buildings is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health & the natural environment by efficiently using energy, water, & other resources. Protecting occupant health & improving employee productivity, reducing waste, pollution & environmental degradation.

Advanced Materials

We research, develop, & utilize the most advanced materials, most suitable for the project at hand. Within each project, we examine the limitations imposed by materials on the development of technology & look at techniques useful for solving the technical challenges such as mechanical stress, erosion, chemical attack & thermal shock.

Object Design

We design and detail custom objects that go into our clients' built environments; from bespoke doors, to detailed handrails, and any other element tasked to us.

Façade Design

We work closely with structural engineers, contractors, manufacturers, installation specialists and consultants within sustainability and environmental issues, to deliver fully integrated solutions.

Market Studies & Investment Strategies.

We help our clients study the attractiveness, dynamics, financials, and competition of the unique type of building/development they are hoping to build. This provides insight into which investments are worth the risk, as well as project phasing strategies to reduce initial investment.

Transportation Scope

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Trade Contractor & Equipment Procurement

The FA processes the study of the business requirements for the commercial contractor and the required equipment and presents the equipment's procurement management plan optimally and within the approved time.

Furniture, Accessories, Art Selection & Layout

The interior design is not complete without the creative selection of the various elements within the space. Whether it is a coffee table, a door handle, a sculpture or any other component of the space, they all add-up to the desired ambience of the space.

Building Performance Optimization

Generate sustainable, efficient buildings through building management systems. The continuous monitoring & optimization process secures the achieved saving building automation solutions, energy management systems, HVAC products, residential & room controls.


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Digital designs that come out of FA Group can be fabricated using different methods & materials, in order to test the quality & resilience of different outputs & to ensure a final product of high quality & durability. We use cutting edge technologies of product production such as digital automation, 3D printing, CNC & laser cutting.

Master Planning

Master Planning ranges from major metropolitan master plans in large cities, through plans for brownfield and greenfield sites of all sizes, to urban design frameworks for market towns and declining district centers.

Feasibility Studies & Risk Assessment

A feasibility study is an analysis that takes all of the relevant factors into account to successfully complete a project. We help the client in assessing the practicality of the proposed project, objectively uncovering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, & risks associated with the development under consideration.

Tender Documents Review

The FA processes the study of all tender documents prior to the formal offering, and provides integrated proposals for additional forms when needed, and it fully evaluates the items and documents required of the bidders to ensure that the basic requirements for bid evaluation are completed in the following stages.

Kitchen & Bathroom Planning

The design of kitchens and bathrooms is considered as one of the essential design of buildings and projects in general, from distribution through materials selection, and finishes to accessories, sanitary parts and kitchen appliances of all kinds.

Structural Engineering

All structural engineering services.

Landscape Design

Planning, designing and implementation of sustainable and inspirational solutions across a full spectrum of sites in rural and urban locations.

Pitch Development

For each project being developed, it is important to have a pitch that explains the project to different parties; from investors, to users, to third parties. We help our clients get the idea of the project across, in order to help push towards its success.

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Project Planning & Scheduling

FA offers qualified project and construction planning consultancy services to clients who do not have their own project management team or need to support their team. FA manages the project in relation to quality, time and financial goals.

Mechanical Engineering

All mechanical engineering services.

Interactive Spaces

We believe that interior spaces should be inspired by latest advancements in technology. Thus, we integrate smart solutions that facilitate the use of the space making it respond to users inside & out. As this applies to active interaction, passive interaction is also important as it can respond to natural & artificial surroundings.

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Heritage Focused Design

Heritage consultancy encompasses everything from prehistoric monuments and medieval buildings to modern museums.

Identifying & Securing Investors

Given the ambitions and specifications of a project, we help our clients understand who the appropriate potential partners and investors to approach are, while also working towards developing and securing these collaborations.

Construction Supervision, Test , Commissioning & Startup

FA construction supervision possess the right combination of skills needed to excel in today’s construction industry. From technical details, budgeting, and scheduling, to organization, leadership and communication.

Electrical Engineering

All electrical engineering services.

Material & Textile Selection

While considering the function of the space, selection of materiality of elements within enriches the space's flavor and can profoundly tune the aesthetic atmosphere. We adapt to the continuously evolving trends by testing and incorporating materials that best reflect the interior space aspirations.

Digital Solutions

Every project demands its own set of rules, methods, & tools. While a wide range of digital tools is available in the market, we understand the importance of need-specific tools, either to a solve a specific problem or to solve much larger, more widespread problems. At FA we focus on identifying the problem first & then solving it.

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Car installments

Green Building Design

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help public and private sector organizations to characterize, assess, quantify and manage their relationship with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate.

Valuation Advisory

We use our expertise and resources in order to help develop a fair valuation for the project at hand. Our industry knowledge helps us with an insight on how market trends may impact value, an understanding of the applicable legal, tax, or regulatory environment, and the experience to withstand scrutiny.

Value Engineering Analysis

FA performs a process of studying and analyzing value engineering, which represents one of the most recent engineering analysis and management processes. This process focuses on analyzing and evaluating the value of the project compared to accurate technical evaluation and the real benefit gained from the project.

Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineering

All plumbing & fire protection engineering services.

mechanic engineering

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Fund Announcements

Development Appraisal

Test of the ability of a development project to meet its costs including the cost of planning obligations, whilst ensuring an appropriate site value for the landowner.

Digital Prototyping

In order to test the products coming out of our research, we must create prototypes as an early sample, model, or release of the product. A prototype is used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by both system analysts and users.

Budget Development & Control

FA undertakes the process of studying and analyzing the project budget, and conducting continuous evaluation and supervision of it in all successive phases of the project. It also provides direct and quick solutions and procedures when any expected or unexpected change occurs in the project progress or in the financial budget.

Integrated Engineering Design

Our integrated design approach goes beyond coordination as it generates solutions that add value & improve efficiency. We rely on the whole project team working together. We use BIM as a tool to clearly communicate our design ideas & avoid misunderstandings. Our approach is proactive generating synergies between disciplines.

Construction Automation

There are 2 main ways of automating construction; the first is on-site automated construction, & the second is pre-fabricated automated construction. Each provides certain advantages, including reducing on-site work times significantly, & improving safety of laborers, as well a higher quality output.

Identify Project Expenses (OpEx & CapEx)

Acquiring fixed assets, fixing problems with an asset, preparing an asset to be used in business, restoring property so that value is added, or adapting it to a new or different use. Operating expenditures include license fees, maintenance and repairs, advertising, office expenses.. etc.

Conceptual & Detailed Estimating

FA conduct a preliminary evaluation and detailed evaluation of all parts of the project, which helps the owner or customer to see all the details of the project in detail even before the beginning of designing the initial ideas at the beginning of the project.

Intelligent Reuse of Buildings

Reusing existing buildings can present exciting & profitable opportunities. It employs the most efficient methods, from economic modelling to smart technology systems. Our team enjoys collaborating around complex challenges, think creatively, push innovation & unlock the value in buildings.

Expected Revenues Projections.

The amount of money that a company actually receives during a specific period, including discounts and deductions for returned merchandise. It is the top line or gross income figure.

Logistics Evaluation

Logistical evaluation relies on the ability to collect and analyze relevant information on all aspects, which subsequently helps to make the correct evaluation decisions.

Value Driver Infrastructures

We work with city authorities, utilities & service providers to develop efficient water, drainage, waste, energy, transport, & ICT/telecoms systems that will effectively handle current & future demand.

Augmented/Virtual Reality & HCI

Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) technology helps the user get a feeling for the space and its design that other methods do not allow for. Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can give the user the experience of being inside a not-yet-built space.

Operational Readiness & Assurance

Supervising all operation and final trial work before delivery and starting guarantee stage.

Algorithmic Design Exploration

We create algorithms with well-defined sets of data & operations, utilizing AI & Machine Learning. This type of rigorous problem-solving allows for the production of Generative Design. Providing multiple varied yet similar solutions for the problem & systematic outputs that ensure different per-project requirements & restrictions.

Licensing & Insurance

Providing all documents required to obtain licenses and insurance operations in all its forms.

Safety, Risk & Resilience Assessment

FA Risk Management is the practice of being prepared understanding your environment and your exposure to existing or emerging risk factors. The right risk management strategy helps reduce your costs.

QA/QC Services

QA/QC are critical for any project that hopes to meet cost & schedule targets. Effective quality management reduces wasted man hours-associated rework & increases measured productivity of field activities. If the QA/QC is functioning well, PM & coordinators know exactly where to focus their effort to complete on time & within budget.


FA provides our clients with this service through a specialized team to perform the requested tests for engineering package works implemented on site through a contractor and is presented in reports to the owner.