Interior Services

FA Interior is a subsidiary of FA Group focusing on the internal atmosphere of the built environment; the furniture layouts, surface finishes, lighting experiences, and overall flows within a set of spaces.

Workplace Planning

Workplace Strategy is: “The dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.” In practice, a workplace strategy is: “A systematic approach for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of how work space is used by changing the way work space is configured."

Lifestyle Design

We help our clients design their life spaces the way they want them to be. We help them create their best environment and turn their visions into reality, one room at a time. It has nothing to do with conventional thinking; it's about designing the best living space for YOU.

Community Enhancement

The community utilizes and comes together in different kinds of spaces. At FA interiors, we aim to provide solutions that help bring the community together through the best examples of these spaces, both well-designed and well-executed, for a final output with the highest quality elements and the most successful spatial performance.

Retail Solutions

Retail spaces require specific and heavy demands that we understand with our legacy. Each retail space design combines 3 goals: The design must draw people into the shop, the design must promote an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience, and finally the space must be specially-tailored to the kind of product sold in the space.

Furniture, Accessories, Art Selection & Layout

The interior design is not complete without the creative selection of the various elements within the space. Whether it is a coffee table, a door handle, a sculpture or any other component of the space, they all add-up to the desired ambience of the space.

Kitchen & Bathroom Planning

The design of kitchens and bathrooms is considered as one of the essential design of buildings and projects in general, from distribution through materials selection, and finishes to accessories, sanitary parts and kitchen appliances of all kinds.

Interactive Spaces

We believe that interior spaces should be inspired by latest advancements in technology. Thus, we integrate smart solutions that facilitate the use of the space making it respond to users inside & out. As this applies to active interaction, passive interaction is also important as it can respond to natural & artificial surroundings.

Material & Textile Selection

While considering the function of the space, selection of materiality of elements within enriches the space's flavor and can profoundly tune the aesthetic atmosphere. We adapt to the continuously evolving trends by testing and incorporating materials that best reflect the interior space aspirations.