FA Engineering

FA Engineering is a subsidiary of FA Group focusing on the design and development of different systems within the Infrastructure and Urban Development (IU) industry, at any scale. This means that for any existing or new building, the FA Engineering team will focus on studies and designs aimed to improve the overall performance of each building, while reducing the long-term costs associated with its operation.

Site Surveying

FA is responsible for the production of maps (detailed, topographic & digital), road surveying, facility surveying, surveying of water, sanitation & flood drainage, surveying of desert area, villages, cities, charts & plots. As well as the preparation of documents for the land allocated in cooperation with Riyadh municipality.

MEP Analysis

At FA, we study & analyze mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems for projects of all kinds & details, which are of design, plans, details of materials, installation, maintenance, & others.

Energy Use, Demand Analysis, Management, & Conservation

An inspection and analysis of energy use and flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system with an eye toward reducing energy input without negatively affecting output.

Existing Buildings Structural Assessment / Redevelopment

The structural redevelopment of a building is essential to sustain a long lifespan for future reuse. This requires a close investigation on the existing state of the building structure. The outcome is a structural solution that contribute reinforcement of some or all existing structural elements & preserve the aesthetics.

Efficient & Green Design

The common objective of green buildings is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health & the natural environment by efficiently using energy, water, & other resources. Protecting occupant health & improving employee productivity, reducing waste, pollution & environmental degradation.

Building Performance Optimization

Generate sustainable, efficient buildings through building management systems. The continuous monitoring & optimization process secures the achieved saving building automation solutions, energy management systems, HVAC products, residential & room controls.

Structural Engineering

All structural engineering services.

Mechanical Engineering

All mechanical engineering services.

Electrical Engineering

All electrical engineering services.

Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineering

All plumbing & fire protection engineering services.

Integrated Engineering Design

Our integrated design approach goes beyond coordination as it generates solutions that add value & improve efficiency. We rely on the whole project team working together. We use BIM as a tool to clearly communicate our design ideas & avoid misunderstandings. Our approach is proactive generating synergies between disciplines.

Intelligent Reuse of Buildings

Reusing existing buildings can present exciting & profitable opportunities. It employs the most efficient methods, from economic modelling to smart technology systems. Our team enjoys collaborating around complex challenges, think creatively, push innovation & unlock the value in buildings.

Value Driver Infrastructures

We work with city authorities, utilities & service providers to develop efficient water, drainage, waste, energy, transport, & ICT/telecoms systems that will effectively handle current & future demand.