FA Products

FA Products is a subsidiary of FA Group that tackles the smallest scale of the built environment; objects that the human body interacts with, objects that are placed inside of a space, objects that can be defined as Products

Furniture Design

We develop ergonomic and elegant solutions for different furniture items to be used in different ways. From tabletops to chairs, and sometimes merging multiple functions into one, we aim for novel designs and fine quality.

Lighting Fixture Design

We develop different lighting solutions specifically catering to their intended types of spaces, from warm living lighting, to bright workplace lighting, all within an elegant and well-thought-out design language.

Sanitary Fixture Design

We develop new solutions for everyday bathroom rituals, some that have been designed for, others that are yet to be thought of. From toilet seats to sinks to ablution stations, we cater to both home and community uses.

Kitchen Design

We model your kitchen; cabinets, walls, floor materials, appliances, and more. We assure to help you through this process of designing your new kitchen.

Object Design

We design and detail custom objects that go into our clients' built environments; from bespoke doors, to detailed handrails, and any other element tasked to us.


Digital designs that come out of FA Group can be fabricated using different methods & materials, in order to test the quality & resilience of different outputs & to ensure a final product of high quality & durability. We use cutting edge technologies of product production such as digital automation, 3D printing, CNC & laser cutting.